Geezers Tour VIII: Door County

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Geezers Tour VIII was to Door County, Wisconsin in October, 2002. No story was written about that tour, but here is one picture of shenanigans at the Survivors’ Party.

Joe DiMonico demonstrates the unusual side effects of Viagra at the
Geezers survivors party in Door County, WI

Explanation from Jim Foreman:

I contacted Joe and Fred about doing the Survivors party and the only guidance I gave was for Fred to do something about Geezer fashions and Joe about the medical needs. Fred did his usual deadpan presentation of fashion with red and black plaid pants and the worst tie I’ve ever seen — stuff that not even a rodeo clown would wear. Then Joe talked about things like Metamucil, toilet paper and Bag Balm before getting around to something that is near and dear to our hearts: the little blue pill. He went through the usual side effects then turned to the lesser known ones. “You’ve heard of nasal congestion,” he asked, “Viagra has one called nasal erection.” And he turned around with that thing on. He explained that the worst part of that side effect is that it happens when you least expect it and painted a word picture of people like Ron Hitchcock standing in front of a class or Fred Kamp getting the Donut Ride ready to go and ended with Steve Florenz running along NW Expressway at four in the morning. As he put it, “Boom, there it is.”

When he was finished, the waitress walked up to him and said, “Will you put a condom on that thing.”

Most of the people had left the restaurant before we started our party, but those still there were certainly interested in it. One guy came by and said, “I don’t know who you people are but I want to come to your next party.”

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