Geezers Tour XIV: Fredericksburg for the Bluebonnets

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The Geezers voted to have two Spring Tours in 2007: the first to Lafayette, LA for Mardi Gras, and the second to Fredericksburg, TX for the blooming of the Bluebonnets. This is the report of the second Tour. The participants in this lightly attended Tour were: ride leaders Tom & Karen Russell and tourers Fred & Bonnie Kamp, John & Kay Shenk, and Steve & Cynthia Wade.

The objective of this Tour was to ride amongst the Bluebonnets. You always roll the dice in hitting the right time to view the Bluebonnets. We did a pretty good job by picking April 9 – 14. You don’t have to roll the dice with respect to finding hills in the Hill Country. They’re always there. Weather-wise it was windy, with starting temperatures in the 50s, and afternoon temps rising to the 60s or 70s. Tuesday, the first ride day, started off with a bit of morning mist which burned off around noon. The next days started off like this but the mist burned off progressively earlier. Friday, the last ride day, started off with the threat of rain, but it didn’t materialize until that night along with tornado watches.

The rides taken were the Pedernales River loop, the Luckenbach (minus Willie and the boys) loop and the Willow City loop. At Luckenbach we encountered 30 or 40 Summit Bicycle Club riders from the Breckinridge/Dillon area of Colorado. The Russells, the Kamps, and the Greggs had seen the club’s Monday morning ride (about a hundred riders) when they were in Dillon last August.

On the Willow City loop the Bluebonnets blooming in the valleys made it appear that the valleys were flooded like a lake. Due to the threat of rain Friday, only Tom and John elected to ride, limiting their excursion to the city streets, where shelter would be readily available.

Tom & Karen on the tandem, John on his bent bike. and Steve on a real bike, did most of the riding. Fred rode the easy part of the Willow City loop. Cynthia had a knee acting up and elected not to ride. Fred assisted Bonnie, Cynthia, and Kay on their exhaustive and exhausting shopping endeavors. Friday, the Kamps and the Wades drove through the more scenic parts of Fredericksburg and drove the Cherry Springs bike route.

Maybe we’ll devote more time on our next Hill Country Tour.

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