Fall Fling 2007 – Another Perspective

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By Jerry Neville

Another great OBS ride, with great people, weather, route and food. No negatives for me. First day was flat, very little wind and just the right temp. I was on my Koga Myata touring bike so I had two bags to carry essentials, phone, bars, tools, a rain jacket to keep it from raining, camera, etc. It was Barby’s birthday. She’s *%$#@ years old. Was going to ride with her and Lynette but we got separated. Royce was with them. On the way back it just happened that Mary and I got a little ahead of the rest of the group we were with. I knew Mary was a strong rider so I figured I would see how strong she was. I kept upping the pace just a little bit to see if she’d hang. She did until we got so far ahead of Kurt, she was worried he’d miss a turn and get lost.

Pot luck dinner was great. I had at least two, Suzanne Cannon and Diana Lerma, who made something with my weird diet in mind. I think that’s really pretty typical of the way OBS members take care of each other. Moni made the proverbial spaghetti with marinara sauce for me.

After the dinner I asked Mary if she wanted to ride the triplet with me tomorrow. April had already said she would. I was looking for strong riders to push me up the hills I knew we would be doing the next day. April rode the middle and Mary was the navigator. Only 20 miles to breakfast so I didn’t figure I’d need water till we got there. Took an empty bottle to fill at the restaurant. Forgot to fill it at the restaurant and headed out without water again. Not a big problem until we learned Mary was somewhat map challenged. (After the ride I learned there were apparently several map challenged persons in OBS as a few others got in some extra miles.) Anyway the temp started to rise and I began to get thirsty. We made a few wrong turns, some my fault and some someone else’s. I knew the girls had to be getting tired too but I couldn’t ask for their water. Anyway we finally made the convenience store and all was right with the world again. We got 49.9 mph down the hill. Mary closed her eyes. April just looked at her speedometer. April was disappointed when she saw 49 mph and I touched the brake.

Mary and April, I promise the next time we ride together on the triplet it will be a flat day and it will be much more pleasant. Good training day though, huh? Thanks for a great ride.

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