March 5th Meeting Recap: Bill Elliott OBS Talk

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My apologies for how late this recap is, however, I do want to extend our sincerest thanks to Bill Elliott for giving a great and varied talk on earlier this month.  Bill put together a bunch of great presentations and passed along a lot of important information that we think would be valuable to all members.

Route 66 Bicycle Route Project Update

Bill started off by giving a status update on the Route 66 Bicycle Route Project.  At this time, letters of support have been gained from all communities along the route and sent along to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.  Additionally, a joint Oklahoma Senate/House bill that directs the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to officially apply for the US Bike Route designation  has cleared the Senate and only needs to pass the State House.  The Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition is asking for anyone who wants to help to contact their state representative asking them to support SJR 13.  You can find the contact information for your representatives at:  You can find a sample letter of support at:

Route 66 Bicycle Tour

Along with this great project information, Bill announced that he his putting together a tour along all of the Route 66 road in Oklahoma this spring and summer.  This series of weekend rides starting on April 13 and going through July 14th, will give you a chance to have the bragging rights to say that you have ridden all of Route 66 in Oklahoma.  Their are no fees associated with this ride, but teams will need to organize their own road transportation.  Bill has put together several and there are several options for organizing car rides along the way:

  • Team One has five members, four riding and one that does not ride, but will drive the team to the starting location, then hold back in case a team member needs SAG support.
  • Team Two has four members, all will plan to ride, but each rider will takes a turn driving a quarter of the miles of the daily route.
  • Team Three has four members and will drive two cars. They will leave one at the end point, and everyone piles into one car to travel to the starting point. They leave the car there, and at the end they drive back to the start point to pick up the car. This team has no designated SAG, just like many of the rides we do each week.
  • Team Four has members that are busy on the designated day, but they will ride on some other date. Since they have the map, they can ride at their convenience. They could organize transportation like any of the above teams.

You can see all of Bill’s presentation on the ride here.  The only requirement to participate is that Bill will need a a signed waiver to participate which you can find here.  You can email your waiver to Bill at or bring it to the first day of the ride.

Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition Membership Benefits

Bill also reminded us of the many things that the Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition does for bicycle advocacy across the state of Oklahoma.  However, if that’s not enough reason for you to give your support, he also reminded us you can get this fantastic Share the Road license plate:



Please consider joining the Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition.

And Much More . . .

Bill also spoke about Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour, July 7-14th and the history of the Grand Blvd in Oklahoma City.  He also provided some vital health information about the current research on sunscreen which you can see here.

Thanks again to Bill Elliott for all of the work he did putting together a great talk.

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