New Donut Riders Wanted

Posted by on Apr 12, 2013 in Club News | 5 comments

All of us have met someone interested in getting into cycling, but are frustrated in that they don’t know where to start. “Where do I go? What is it like riding on the street? Is it safe?”

For years, through the valiant efforts of Fred Kamp, OBS has hosted the weekly Donut Ride which is specifically designed for cyclists both new and seasoned, focusing on community, fitness and fun. This year we are specifically designating May 4th as Bring a Friend to the Donut Ride Day.

Many new riders can feel intimidated being around seasoned cyclists, however, we want them to know what a fun, safe and rewarding experience cycling can be surrounded by both friendly, experienced cyclists and fellow new riders alike.

To make this happen, we are going to need your help. Please talk to all of those friends who have said to you, “that sounds fun, I’d like to try that some day.” and convince them that this is the day to give it a try. Print out copies of this flyer and send them links to our informative Donut Ride video (

For those that don’t know, our Donut Ride leaves from the tennis court parking lot at Will Rogers Park (36th and Portland) at 9:04 AM. Full details at

As an added bonus, for all riders who join us for the May 4th ride, a free donut will be provided! Please help us make this a really great event that shows a bunch of new people how wonderful the world looks from behind a set of handlebars!


  1. My friend and I are psyched to do the donut ride this weekend. Do you know of any rides out of Edmond that are not hammerhead rides?

    • Unfortunately no, the only ride we currently have near Edmond is the Francis-Tuttle VoTech ride at 122nd and Rockwell, but it is a very fast ride. If you have a route to suggest, you might try posting it to our mailing list ( and see if some other people are interested, or email me with any ideas at and I’ll see if we can’t generate some interest and find a ride leader. I live in the inner city area and don’t have a real good idea of routes in Edmond, but I would glad to try to help put something together!

      • thanks Nathan. I might just have to zip around Edmond and find a route. Perhaps 20 miles or so.

  2. Call Jan at the City of Edmond. She can connect you with someone through the Edmond Bicycle Committee. They have several different rides a week.

  3. I just purchased a membership today. So I’ll be there tomorrow to participate.

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