65 Mile Spring Training Ride Start Location Change

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While the roads will probably be open in Moore for our ride this Saturday, I have gone ahead and changed the starting location and route for this weekend’s 65 mile training ride due to what will probably be an increased amount of large vehicle traffic and demolition and construction work.  I’m calling this ride a city and country ride.  We will be leaving from the Donut Ride starting location at Will Rogers Park at 8:00 AM and making our way out to the Arcadia, Jones and Spencer loop before heading back.  We will be able to enjoy a nice stop in Pops for snacks and drinks as well as at least one other convenience store in Jones for refreshments.  However, please make sure to bring full water bottles and snacks just in case.   Additionally, there is currently a chance for rain on Saturday, so bring any rain gear you need as well.

You can see a map for the route below:

For those of you with a Garmin GPS computer, you can also download a route for your device at: http://connect.garmin.com/course/3670905

If you have any questions, please email me at nathan@nathanlorenz.me or call me at 405-824-1226.

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