The Wrong Way Bunch

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Some of you may recall at Spring Fling there were a group of riders that went the “wrong way”. The prescribed route was north from Ft.Cobb Lake to Hinton. The weather forecast was for strong south winds to pick up during the day. The Wrong Way Bunch went south and east to the little winery down near Anadarko. By doing so, they battled only a moderate wind for a few miles of their mostly east/west route and enjoyed a strong tail wind on the north bound portions of the return ride.

Today, some of that same group started out on the Memorial Day ride from L. Hefner. But it soon became evident that the route was going to be directly into an already serious head wind that was becoming stronger by the minute. So, over coffee in Bethany (already off the prescribed route), the Wrong Way Bunch decided to ‘take a wrong turn” and headed east to the Paseo Festival. The ride was very enjoyable and was not seriously affected by the wind since is was largely east/west and sheltered by the trees and buildings in the city.

The moral of this story is, BE FLEXIBLE. Sometimes it’s OK to “get lost” or go “the wrong way”. It can make your riding experiences more varied and often more pleasant.

BTW, in case you are wondering, today’s Wrong Way Bunch consisted of: Legs & Laurie Allshouse, Jim “Beaner” Bean and John Wente. We had a ball! Distance: about 33 miles.

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