National Bike Challenge Update

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The OBS Team just took off this weekend!  Not only did we soar past our friendly rivals over at Team OK Freewheel, we also rocketed into #49 place in the country out of 934 teams overall!  You guys did some amazing rides in this weekend!  I guess we need a new challenge goal to meet.  Let’s go ahead and make it an aggressive one since you already passed the other goal so quickly.  Let’s aim for a top 10 position this month!  Currently the #10 team has 50 riders with 10,701 points out of 5,861 miles.  We are currently at 4,249 points with 2,429 miles, but I think we can get there!

The individual leaderboard has shaken up a bit, here are the current top three standings:

  1. Robert Freeman
  2. Nathan Lorenz
  3. Dixie Duff

However, there are a lot of riders very close to a top three spot so it’s anyone’s race at this point.

For those who haven’t already joined, it’s never too late.  Just head on over to our team page and click Join. You can also put in your past rides at any time to get your scores high on the leader board!

Additionally, a few of you told me that you signed up but you aren’t currently listed as riders on our team.  If you think you have signed up, go ahead and log into your National Bike Challenge Account and then visit our team page.  If you see the join button on the left hand side of the page, go ahead and click on it to put yourself in the OBS team.

Great riding out there!  Let’s see if we can go even higher!

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