70 Mile Spring Training Ride Reminder

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Just a friendly reminder that the 70 mile spring training ride is this Saturday, May 31st and 8:00 AM.  It will leave from the parking lot at 4th and Elm in Yukon.  For those interested in doing a shorter ride on Saturday, there is also a 55 mile distance incorporated into the route.  Special thanks to Ken Hardwick for putting together the map.  The ride leaders will be Sharon White who will be riding sweep and Roger Welch who will ride in the lead position.  The first 22 miles of the route will not have any water stops, so please bring plenty of water for the starting distance.

You can find the turn-by-turns directions here along with a map of the course here.

Update 05/30/2014: There is a slight correction to this Saturday’s 70/55 mile training route.  When reaching Hwy 81 & Route 66, if you choose not to have a rest stop at the convenience store, you would need to turn right to head East back towards Yukon.  Just remember to head East at the Hwy 81 and Route 66 intersection and you’ll be fine.  If you hit Los Angeles, you may have taken a wrong turn.

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