Addressing Concerns on the National Bike Challenge

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We’ve heard some concerns about the accuracy of the rides being posted on the National Bike Challenge.  The National Bike Challenge is designed to be a very open community to encourage both new riders as well as experienced cyclists to get out an enjoy riding their bikes.  To facilitate that goal, the system operates on the honor system for riders to accurately report their rides.  Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to edit other riders miles nor to add/remove riders from a public team.  So all we can do is to ask that all riders be diligent in accurately reporting their rides.  Let’s make sure this is a fun and encouraging competition where everyone enjoys the experience!

One concern I can directly address is regarding the seeming double logging of rides.  While there were some complaints about MapMyRide and Endomondo double logging rides, it is my understanding that most of those issues have been resolved.  However, you should also consider is that there are some riders, me in particular, for whom their bicycle is their primary form of transportation.  Therefore, you will see multiple rides per day for these riders as we go back and forth from work, meetings, errands etc.  Sometimes these will be of equal distance, sometimes longer when we get a chance to stretch our legs for some distance riding.

I hope everyone who is participating leaves the event feeling it was a fun competition and that they got more rides in than you would have otherwise.  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns you would like me to directly address.  See you out on the road!

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