Is OKC ready to become a “Bicycle Friendly Community”?

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In August 2014, OBS collaborated with OKC City Planners to submit an application to the League of American Bicyclists to be designated as a “Bicycle Friendly Community“. In November OKC was awarded the “Honorable Mention” designation. Along with that designation, the L.A.B. provided suggestions for how OKC could move upĀ to the “Bronze” level.

Those suggestions are available for your viewing here:

Short VersionĀ BFC_Fall2014_ReportCard_OklahomaCity

Long Version: BFC_Fall2014_Feedback_OklahomaCity

In the coming weeks, OBS will be working with city staff to review the suggestions to determine how OKC can move towards the bronze level Bicycle Friendly Community.

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