OBS Streak Maps Available

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in OBS Streak, Rides and Tours | 2 comments

At long last, the OBS Streak maps are available for viewing at the OBS Streak website.  After hundreds of miles of driving and mapping by our fearless route master, Sharon White, we have quite a few modifications to our Streak routes which we hope will make for a great day of cycling.  Additionally this year we are providing links to Garmin Connect versions of our cycling maps for all of you high-tech cyclists!  Enjoy!  And if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss out on the last days of our early bird pricing!


  1. I wanted to share with all you Streak Riders. There is some construction, road re-surfacing started on a small portion of the route for the 40mile and 100K only, however, they have told us, it should be done by the time our event takes place. In the event it is not, we already have a short detour to avoid the gravel area. Not to worry, we will not take these routes on any gravel.. Looking forward to a great event, I hope you get signed up and come ride with us for a great cause. Thanks, Sharon White

  2. This does not affect the 25 mile route.

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