OBS Survey Results

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At the recent OBS Streak bike tour, a survey was made available to participants at the end of the ride. Of the 400+ Streak participants, 53 turned back in their survey.

The survey listed many of the rides and tasks done by OBS. The participant could mark each item’s importance in the categories of High, Medium, Low, and None.  Below are the results.



It is not surprizing to see the OBS Streak getting a very high mark, since the folks doing the survey just finished the Streak. The purchase of the helmets for kids was also seen as highly important. The monthly OBS meeting fared less well. We have seen less attendance each month, and that helps to explain why.

Part of the purpose of the survey was to help raise awareness of the various things that OBS does. A few people said that they were not aware of some of the items. This tells me that we need to do a better job of communicating what OBS does and make people aware of where they can go to find out more details on any particular topic ( the OBS web site is a good place to start ).

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