Call for Pathfinder Articles–We Need YOUR Input

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As of this month, I have taken over editing the Pathfinder, the OBS newsletter. To keep the newsletter as interesting as possible for our members, we always like to include stories from the membership at large rather than just relying on the officers to write a column each month, although that is encourages as well.

Nearly everyone has a tale to tell regarding an incident that occurred on a ride, a story about a tour (recent or in the past–doesn’t matter), a story about another OBS member (nothing risqué or too embarrassing please), or even a story to tell on yourself. It doesn’t have to be a long article or story, any length will do, even just a paragraph or two.  You don’t have to be a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist. Just write it out in your own words. I will correct grammar and spelling as required (that’s what an editor does).

Also of interest are cycling product recommendations. Do you have a favorite chain lube or some magic elixir for cleaning the bike or frame or chain. We’d love to hear about it. Have you discovered some new tool (it may be new to you–not necessarily a recent invention) or bike accessory? Tell us about it.  Do you have a bike maintenance tip or a tip regarding loaded touring, riding in other countries, transporting your bike, etc., etc., etc. That could be very informative.

I hope you are getting the picture. I’d like to have as many different types of articles from as many different people as possible. So put down the cell phone, turn off the TV (or at least turn down the sound) and think for a few minutes about something you know regarding cycling that others may find interesting, humorous or informative.

The deadline for articles is the 15th of each month. In the unlikely event that I have more than I can use in any given month, some articles may be held over until the next month.

John Wente

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