Wednesday Night Ride at Lake Overholser — Come Join Us

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We need more casual pace riders at the Wednesday night Lake Overholser ride. We leave Route 66 Park (west side of the lake at NW 23rd Street) at 6:00. The ride goes around the north side of Lake O and then down the new West River Trail. The total distance is about 23 miles, but since we go down the trail, there is always the option to turn around at any point. The “Socialite” group is advertised as averaging 12-14 mph, but if you can manage 11 mph you are welcome to join us. This is a NO-DROP ride (meaning no one is left behind). The success of the Edmond casual pace ride indicates that there are riders out there who¬†want to ride at this pace. If you are one of them, come give it a try. We’d love to have you join us!

Ride Leader: John Wente 354-2301 or


  1. I would like to join up with the Wednesday nite riders; however I haven’t ridden in quite sometime. I enjoy walking along the new West River Trail and it looks like a good place to ride. I would love to ride at an 11-13 pace. Thanks

  2. We hope you will join us, Susan. John Wente, the ride leader for the Socialites ride (12-14 mph), has made the decision to stay back with slower riders at least on the return leg of the route. A group of faster riders is riding with the Socialites this year. They average more like 14-16 mph. This has caused some new riders to feel like they are holding up the ride. I assure you, this is not the case. Anyone who can maintain an 11 mph average is welcome to join the ride. Even if you are a bit slower and working up to that pace, come on out. You will not be left behind.

    Due to the onset of darkness just after 8 pm, slower riders may be encouraged to turn around before we get to Meridian Ave on the WRT, unless their bikes are equipped with both a headlight and taillight, to avoid finishing the ride (on the lake road) after sunset. Another option would be to join the ride at the parking lot on 10th Street. That would make the distance approximately 18 miles instead of 23.That may be a more manageable distance for some riders. If you plan to do that, please let John know by emailing or calling 354-2301.

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