Address Information

To send e-mail to OBS, remove the shaded portion of the email address shown below to obtain our true address:

The same formula applies to every e-mail address you encounter on our website. Just remove the “-bike” part of the address and you have the true address.

Why all the trouble? Unscrupulous individuals “mine” websites for e-mail addresses which they then use to send unsolicited advertising and other nuisance messages (spam). These nefarious types also sell the addresses they harvest to others of the same ilk who also send unwanted mail to the innocent and unsuspecting owner of the address. The method used to harvest the address is automated–it searches for the the form of all e-mail addresses: name@server, so the addresses it will find on this site are bogus and mail sent to them will “bounce”.

Sorry for the complication, but the volume of spam messages was just getting to be overwhelming.