OBS Pathfinder Submissions


We try to get the newsletter out to our members the last week of the month prior to the face date on the publication. Therefore, in order to allow time for editing, printing and mailing, the submission deadline is the tenth (10th) of the previous month. (For example, for the April newsletter, the deadline is the March 10.) The deadline applies to both articles and advertising.


Anyone may submit an article for publication in the OBS newsletter. All articles are subject to approval of the editor and may be edited to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. If newsletter space is not available to print the entire article, it may be edited to a length suitable for inclusion (this is rare). Articles may not be included in the next issue, but may be reserved for a future issue.


Simple “For Sale” or “Want to Buy” ads are free to members and will be included for a fee of $15 for non-members. Items must by cycling-related. Ads run for three months or until the person placing the ad requests it to be stopped, whichever occurs first. Ads for bikes should include the frame size, age of bike and general condition. Other information such as color, type of shifters, etc. is optional, but often very useful in selling the item. Please keep ads as brief as possible; space is limited.

Commercial advertising is also available. Please contact the editor for ad sizes and rates.

Submission guidelines

Articles must be cycling-related. Items of local interest are preferred. Please do not copy articles from other publications.

For all material, electronic submission is preferred. The editor will NOT retype articles submitted as hard copy. Rich Text or Plain Text files are preferred. If you have questions, please contact the editor.

Commercial advertising may be submitted as “camera ready” copy.

Current newsletter editor:

Blu Phillips
2309 N. Willow Ave. Suite A
Bethany, OK 73008