Effective Cycling Notebook

Effective CyclingTM is a program developed by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) to promote cycling safety and efficiency through education. The League trains Effective Cycling Instructors (ECI’s) that conduct Effective CyclingTM training seminars throughout the country.

The Effective CyclingTM Notebook is a series of articles written mostly by ECI’s and printed in Bicycle USA, the League’s bi-monthly publication.

These articles are reprinted here with the permission of Bicycle USA magazine.

EC NOTEBOOK #10 – How Far Right is Right?

EC NOTEBOOK #14 – 6 Reasons to “Ride Right”

EC NOTEBOOK #18 – Intersections: “Messy Merging”

EC NOTEBOOK #29 – Maintaining the Bike’s Engine –You!

EC NOTEBOOK #30 – Effectively Dealing with Dogs

EC NOTEBOOK #32 – Just Ridin’ In the Rain

EC NOTEBOOK #33 – Part I – Basic Principles of Traffic Cycling

EC NOTEBOOK #33 – Part II – Responsible Bicyclists Are Predictable

EC NOTEBOOK #34 – Bike Commuting: Reflecting on Reflection

EC NOTEBOOK #35 – Anticipate the Road Ahead

EC NOTEBOOK #36 – When Worlds Collide

EC NOTEBOOK #37 – Carrying the Right Tools

EC NOTEBOOK #38 – Bicycle Maintenance Schedule

EC NOTEBOOK #39 – How to Get the Most Out of A Chain