Notify OKC of trail problems or suggestions for improvements

Report A Trail Problem:

Click here to open a form to notify OKC of problems on a trail, lane or bike route.

Bethany: (405) 789-6285     Edmond      The Village: (405) 751-4933  Warr Acres: (405) 787-1404     Yukon

These would be things that a City worker could fix in one visit, such as cleaning glass from a trail or adjusting a traffic light to be sensitive to a bike.

 Submit a Suggestion for Trail Improvements:

For bigger items – such as suggestions for improving a trail, lane or bike route, fill out this form:

Your suggestion will be reviewed by an OBS Committee, prioritized and as appropriate, submitted to OKC city planners for long term trail improvements.

Trail Suggestion

Enter your suggestions for improving bike trails and routes.
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