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What Is A Geezer??

The original Geezers and their wives at Mardi Gras.

It seems that in whispered conversations throughout the OBS, people are asking, “Who are these Geezers?” “Why do they have so much fun?” and “How can I join them?”

The Geezers originated in 1998 when three OBS members—a retired engineer, a retired toilet seat salesman and a drug dealer— were discussing the finer things of life, like barbecue and blues music. One of them said the best barbecue place in the world was Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous in Memphis. Another mentioned that the Blues Hall of Fame and Museum was located in Clarksburg, Mississippi while the third claimed that both could be found in Vicksburg. It was finally decided that they had to go see all these things for themselves and might as well take their bikes along and do some riding since the closest thing to a hill in Mississippi is a picture of Pikes Peak on the wall of the courthouse in Rosedale.

The next problem was finding a proper and suitable name for their group and after several suggestions by their wives, The Geezers was picked as the least objectionable and most socially acceptable. While we were on our tour down the banks of the Mighty Muddy, we stopped in the tiny town of Seep Water and while resting, the lady behind the counter asked what our group was called. When we told her we were The Geezers, she asked how old we were. After a bit of basic math, we told her that if you added our ages together, it would be over 200. She thought about it for a minute and said, “Man, you is old white folks.”

Most of our tours are thought up during a meeting, which is described as one or more Geezers. Final plans are made during a gathering, which is two or more Geezers. We are always led by the Head Geezer, which is the one leading the way to the bathroom, or Head in Navy parlance. We have decided that Geezerhood isn’t a chronological age but a state of mind, so membership is pretty well open to anyone willing to ride a Geezer distance at a speed just fast enough to keep Kudzu from overtaking us. Joining is simple, show up and bring beer.

The Geezers have been to Mississippi, Mardi Gras, the KATY Trail, Luckenbach, Texas and The Chisholm Trail with Tour de Geezer VI heading for the rural roads of Northeast Texas in October, 2001. More adventures to come…

Jim Foreman