OBS Volunteer Position Descriptions


  • The President shall be the chief executive officer of this Society and shall preside over all meetings of this Society and the Board of Directors. He or she shall be an ex-officio member or all standing and special committees, shall sign all official Society documents, and perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of President.


  • The President-Elect, in the absence of the President, shall preside at all Society meetings and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the President or Board of Directors. It shall be the primary responsibility of the President-Elect, with the advice of the Board of Directors, to anticipate the duties of the President during the next association year and to prepare committee appointments and recommended goals and objectives for presentation to the membership at the Annual meeting held in October of each year to elect officers.

Immediate Past President

  • The Immediate Past President shall serve as advisor to the officers and provide counsel on past activities to promote continuity of Society business and operations.


  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving all funds paid to the Society, from the Secretary, and depositing such funds in the Society’s official depositories, and shall disburse such funds on the order of the Board of Directors. He or she shall sign or countersign all checks. His or her accounts and books shall be open at all times to inspection by the President, the Board of Directors, or any auditor authorized by the Board of Directors. He or she may be required to make bond. He or she shall make a report of the financial condition of the Society at each duly called business meeting of the Society and shall be responsible for the completion and submission of forms required by laws governing the administration and /or tax status of this Society for the tax year of his or her term of office


  • The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the records of membership, membership dues, and minutes of meetings of this Society, its Board of Directors, and Executive Committee. He or she shall present all bills to the Treasurer for payment. He or she shall collect all funds due this Society and shall promptly turn these funds over to the Treasurer. He or she is responsible for, at the request of the President, issuing notices of regular and special meetings of the membership, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee. He or she shall submit a report at the Annual Meeting and at any other times as the President or Board of Directors may require.


Activities Director

The activities director coordinates the OBS rides ( daily, weekly, special, camp-out ) to find ride leaders and to make arrangements for the rides. They publicize the rides via newsletter, emails and/or social media. They help plan special events such as the annual Christmas party.

Publications Director

The publications director is the Pathfinder newsletter editor. They will request and collect articles for the monthly publication. They will upload the newsletter to the OBS web site for subsequent distribution. They will arrange to produce and distribute maps for some OBS rides.

Publications Distributor

the publications distributor will receive a web site link of the OBS pathfinder and the list of the current OBS members and send an email to the members with the newsletter link. Any mailings of the newsletter of other OBS materials is done by this volunteer.

 Web Site Administrator

This person maintains the OBS web site. They arrange payment to the domain and  server companies. They perform upgrades and provide CMS training to new volunteers.


The historian maintains the historical records for OBS and arranges to scan the documents into a web based archive.

Grand Tour Director

The Grand Tour Director arranges the planning and execution of the yearly Grand Tour. Typically this is a multi-day, out of state cycling event.

Streak Volunteer Positions

Duties of the Streak Director and Committees

Oct. 19, 2015 V3

OBS Streak Director:

  • Recruit Committee Heads.
  • Coordinate efforts of the committee heads, follow up on each committee’s progress.
  • Schedule and chair planning meetings to review progress of each committee.
  • Handle Problems Committee Heads cannot resolve.
  • Help recruit committee volunteers and Day-of-Event workers.
  • Arrange for Event Location, Start I Finish / Staging and Parking Areas.
  • Arrange for Required Activities Permits.

Assistant Director:

  • Handle minor problems for Streak Director or anything when Director is not available.
  • Attend planning Committee meetings.
  • Work with Committee Heads as requested on priority projects, and other duties as assigned by the Director.
  • Help recruit volunteers.
  • Help arrange new event location.


  • Maintain Streak event accounting books.
  • Maintain OBS Streak event checking account, in charge of the receipt, care and disbursement of event funds.
  1. Work with Streak Director and Committee Heads on expenses and write any required checks.
  2. Receive all mail in registrations and make deposits.
  3. Attend Pre-Packet pickup and Attend Day of Event to collect event registration funds for deposits and write checks if needed.
  4. Receive sponsors pledges and make deposits.

Route Management;

  • Recruit Volunteers for task team members
  • Plan Routes and Rest Stop Locations.
  • Create route maps and place on Streak Web page
  • Route Marking:

Paint arrows on road for various routes.

Mark Hazards on route

Placement of directional and rest stop signs (coordinate with Traffic Control).

  • Port-A-Potties:

Determine number and location of Arrange for Port-A-Potties, Supervise delivery

and pickup.

  • Course Shutdown:

Check entire course for last riders, pickup event signage, check course for trash.

Traffic Control;

  • Recruit Volunteers for task team members.
  • Traffic Management:

Contact and arrange for Police/Sheriff Departments support forward information on date, times and routes. Coordinate locations of officers at major intersections, before and during event. With the coordination of Rider Safety members, release police as last rider clears location.

  • Arrange for required City/County permits (OKC only one required).
  • Traffic Barriers:

Order, Pickup, locate at event and Return all Traffic Barricades and Cones.

(Action Safety provided at no charge)

  • Start/Finish Traffic:

Place traffic control barricades, route returning riders to timing/scoring area.

  • Parking Control:

Placement of parking information signs, if required.

  • Staging Control:

Verify staging signs and placements, help with rider staging.

  • Send Thank You Letters to various Police/Sheriff Departments.


Rest Stops;

  • Recruit Volunteers for task team members, and rest stop leaders.
  • Recruit & Organize rest stop volunteers.
  • Coordinate with Sponsors/Donation Committee on the procurement of food & drink.
  • Coordinate storage & delivery of food & drink items to Start/Finish Area.
  • Rest Stop Mowing:

Clean and mow areas for each rest stop location(?)

  • Arrange food/water/Gatorade, ice chests and other supplies for each rest stop. Each rest stop leader will pick up food & drink supplies from the start/finish storage trailer.
  • Coordinate with cookie coordinator for delivery of home made cookies.

Corporate Sponsorships and Fundraising

  • Recruit Volunteers for task team members
  • Fund Solicitations/Sponsors:
  1. Solicit monetary sponsors.
        1. Corporations
        2. Bicycle Shops. All bike shops will be on equal level of participation.
  1. Set deadlines for donations, track amounts pledged.
  2. Develop Gold Sponsors Banners for Start/Finish Area (Paid by the Sponsor).


  • Gifts In Kind
  1. Solicit and collection of rider drawing door prizes & packet stuffing’s.
  2. Track sponsors/donators for thank you mailing.
  3. Storage & Deliver of goodies to packet stuffing party.
  • Awards/Prizes/Medals:
  1. Solicit first place awards for family fun ride participants.
  2. Optional — Label pins in the shape of Oklahoma with OBS Streak (year) be awarded to all riders. (Cost $110.00 for Die, Each Pin $1.00)


  • Thank You Mailing:

Write and mail thank you letters to all sponsors and donators send as soon as possible after monies are received, and after event. Various committees in charge of fund raising/sponsor/donations/gifts-in-kink/awards to Email Company/Person contact information to this committee member ASAP.



Advertising Committee

  • Design and printing of official OBS ride posters and fliers.


  1. Newspapers, Pathfinder, TV News, Radio Spots, Poster distribution, Registration
  2. Distribution of posters to Bike Shops, Sporting goods stores, Other bike rides goodies bags, onOBS web site, send some to Tulsa Wheelmen bike club, BLN, other area state bike
  3. Clubs, Magazines, Other Bike Club Newsletters.
  4. Provide press releases to print media.
  5. Contact broadcast media and solicit coverage.
  6. Contact all bike clubs in the state and surrounding and notify them of event.
  7. Distribute flyers at other area cycling events.
  8. Distribute flyers and posters to area bike shops, health clubs, and sporting goods merchants.



  • Packet Advertising:
  1. Bags from donor (Ask for them in January)
  2. Goodies for Rider Packet, ie: Discount Coupons, Pencils/Pens, Maps, Water Bottles, Power Bars and other food items.
  3. T-Shirts:
  1. Determine quantities and quantity of each size.
  2. Handle purchasing.
  3. Design artwork, T-Shirt style and colors.
  4. Printing (Artwork to be the same for all printed materials and T-shirts)
  5. Pickup & Deliver T-Shirts to packet stuffers and Day-of-Event Site.


  • Event Photographer’s:

Take photographs for web site and Pathfinder.


  • Web site Management:

Design Streak website, including registration form with details of event, maps and sponsors information.

Rider Safety


  • Recruit Volunteers for task team members.
  • Route Sag Vehicles:

Recruit SAG drivers and arrange with Bicycle Shops their route patrol areas.

  • Start Area Mechanic:

Arrange with Bicycle Shops to provide mechanic. Provide information in registrations and sign/banner at start area that a mechanic is available to assist with mechanical problems. Check with all Bike Shops on how to best handle on equal basis.

  • Course Closure, each course:

Sweep route for riders, coordinate with Traffic Control to release police upon the clearing of each section.

  • First Aid:

Arrange for course ambulance EMS workers, Minor first aid packets at rest stops.

Possibly of OKC Fire Department Bicycle Rescue units being asked to attend.


Setup & Teardown;

  • Recruit Volunteers for task team members.
  • Arrange for rental of pavilion at MAC and room for package stuffing, registration and storage of rest stop materials
  • Coordinate with Sponsorship committee for donation of meal at finish
  • Procure all Rental Tables, Tents and Chairs.
  • Arrange for Registration/Refreshment Area Tent, oversee setup at correct location.
  • Provide volunteers to handle trash duties at Start/Finish Area.


Announcer / Starter

  • Announcer:
  1. Handling start line instructions, I.E: door prizes available, hazards on route and any route changes.


  1. Music at start
  2. Start off each group.
  3. PA announcements during event at start / finish area.
  4. Conduct door prize drawing and post the winners names & prizes at Start/Finish Registration Tent.



Registration / Forms / Event Signage;

  • Recruit Volunteers for task team members.
  • Create web site for online registration and link to OBS web site
  • Printing:
  1. Design and printing of registration forms for mailers, handouts and Day-of Event, (early registration date cutoff be two weeks before the event).
  • Print OBS Member List & last year’s rider list for mailings.


Pre-event, Packet Pickup:

  1. Receive web site registrations (no mail in registration).
  2. Arrange location(s) for early packet pickup (MAC)
  3. Arrange for tables and chairs, have packet and registration forms
  4. Handle packet pickup registrations, handle checks and change for cash,
  5. OBS Streak Treasurer to be present to handle funds and make change for cash.


  • Day of Event:
  1. Open registration area at 6:00am, cutoff at 7:30am.
  2. Placement of signs directing to registration area.
  3. Process all event registrations and packet pickup.
  4. Recruit volunteers.
  5. Plan arrangement of registration area with tables & chairs, signs for packet pickup
  6. Arrange for computer electrical needs/space & lights.
  7. Check supplies for plenty of registrations, maps, pens and paperweights.
  8. Table with registration forms and pens for those needing to register before arriving at registration tables.
  9. OBS Streak Treasurer to be present to handle funds and make change for cash.
  10. Verify that all funds are delivered to OBS Streak Treasurer.
  11. Maintain integrity of registration area
  12. Verify workers allowed in registration area.


  • Packet Stuffing:
  1. Procure plastic bags for packets.
  2. Provide storage of all packet materials
  3. Receive goodies from Gifts-in Kind Committee and sort.
  4. Provide space for volunteers to stuff and box packets.
  5. Host packet stuffing party.
  6. Deliver to pre-event packet pickup and Day-of-Event sites.