Route Maps

The maps included below are just the “tip of the iceberg” of all the great cycling routes in Oklahoma. It should be noted that road and traffic conditions change (sometimes quite rapidly around the OKC metro area), so if you are unfamiliar with the area in which you plan to ride, it would be advisable to drive the route and/or check with knowledgeable local cyclists before riding.

We are always looking to expand our map collection. Anyone with good scanable maps, or maps already in .jpg or .gif format, may submit them for inclusion here. Contact John Wente at the e-mail address shown below.

Here is a general map of Oklahoma City in case you are not familiar with the city.

Printing the maps: Any of the maps may be printed directly from your browser, but you will get a much better printout if you use the PDF files for those maps for which PDF files are available. To view and print PDF files requires Adobe Acrobat reader which you may get FREE here:

The PDF file will open in your browser window, and there will be a row of Acrobat viewer icons at the top of the window. Use the Acrobat viewer printer icon to print the PDF file, NOT the browser’s printer icon or print command.

OKC and Surrounding Area

If you have any OKC suggested routes or issue with existing bicycle infrastructure, please use our trail issue/suggestion reporting form.

 North Central Oklahoma

Northwest Oklahoma

South Central and Southwest Oklahoma

Eastern Oklahoma