Guthrie Loop

A relaxed 30 mile loop with good roads and mild rolling hills

(This map courtesy of Oscar Staudt)

Start in Guthrie.  Go west 10 miles to the intersection of highways 33 and 74.  Two golf clubhouses available for stopping on this stretch.  Then turn north and go to Crescent, OK. Besides many quickstops, there are several restaurants offering great home cooked meals. Both highways are busy, but have very wide, smooth shoulders.

On the north side of Crescent turn east on highway 74C.  There is usually very little traffic on this paved road.  Follow 74C about 10 miles to highway 77.    Turn South and take highway 77 back into Guthrie.  Be alert on highway 77.  About 5 miles with narrow shoulders.

Highway 77 runs right back into Guthrie.  There are many great restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and some great shopping in Guthrie.  Kent Dunham at Guthrie Bicycles is always very helpful if you need parts, adjustments, or advice (224 N. Second, 282-8524). (Also one of the few recumbent dealers in this area — try one, they’re great!)

Guthrie / Crescent Loop -- 30 miles

Guthrie Loop Elevation Profile. Starting in Guthrie, going west on 33....

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Crescent, Oklahoma

Crescent, Oklahoma