Donut Ride

DONUT RIDE 9:04 AM Year-round [MAP]

Starts at Tennis Center parking lot at Will Rogers Park (near NW 39th and Portland).

Goes to Brown’s Bakery at NW 10th and Walker. Eleven mile round-trip at 10-12 mph. SUITABLE FOR NEW RIDERS AND FAMILY GROUPS. No-Drop policy. Rating: 1 – A/B
LEADER: Fred Kamp 942-1108

The OBS Donut Ride travels 6 miles from Will Rogers Park to Brown’s Bakery and then 6 miles back over a different route. The leader leads from the rear at the pace of the slowest rider.

For some time many riders have modified their participation in the ride to make it more challenging or interesting by using different return routes. This results in several informal rides populated by riders with the same objectives. These rides include the following:

  1. Return via the Fairgrounds. 8 miles.
  2. Return via the River Trails. 14 miles .
  3. Return via the Katy Trail, which runs next to I-35 from 4th St. to the Zoo area. About 20 miles. This frequently expands to riding to the Hefner Trail and lunching at Louie’s. 20-30 miles.

The Donut Ride leader is required to return via the traditional route if there are novice riders. The other return route rides have pick up leaders who usually watch over riders unfamiliar with the route.

We’ve often had 40 to 50 riders during the summer. Maybe one of the variations of the Donut Ride will fit you.

KAMP’s 1910 RIDE
This ride starts with the Donut Ride, but its destination is Kamp’s 1910 Café at 10 NE 10th St. (just east of  the RR tracks).  Many on this ride have breakfast there.  From there, riders follow several different routes, most longer than the Donut Ride, back to Will Rogers park.  When present, Bill Drake usually organizes one such ride that he announces at the Donut Ride gathering.